Accessorizing Your Kitchen

kitchen accessoriesThe key component to successfully accessorizing your kitchen is simple, functionality. Many people would say this is not true but the staples to a dream kitchen are proper organization, functionality, and then color! Lets face it, there are essentials that every kitchen needs, refrigerator, stove, microwave, and a sink which you can purchase at Restaurant Supply. The cleanest look, in my opinion, is always to go with stainless steal appliances, this allows you to really pop on color with your backsplash and counters! Now that we got the boring appliances out of the way, pick a fun back-splash and counter.

Remember these are your two main pop pieces in your entire kitchen, enjoy them! My counters are extremely dark, with a light gray back-splash and the only reason I went with these colors is because I knew I would accessorize to the max with my primary colors. These are your reds, blues, and yellows people! I am personally fond of red, this allows me to accent against that dark counter top with a fun toaster, kettle, pots, pans, and even storage containers. Most people do not like to keep a lot of things on their counter top from day to day but cute containers with essentials like, sugar, flour, salt, and even pepper can be a great cabinet space saver and bold accent.

Remember last week when you were looking for the cumin and couldn’t find it because your spice cabinet is a mess? Get rid of that unnecessary hassle and pick yourself up a 20 jar rotating spice rack, fill each jar with your commonly used spices and never search through that high kitchen cabinet again. Simple things like that are time savers that everyone can use day in and day out to make cooking an enjoyable experience instead of a time draining activity. With that being said why should we want to get out of our kitchens as soon as possible anyway.

kitchen Customize your kitchen island with a built in stereo to crank up some tunes while doing the dishes or cooking a meal. Although everyone may not be able to get a built in stereo I highly recommend music of some sort, especially when cooking alone, because music releases endorphins to make the activity of cooking feel that much better! The combination of saving time in the kitchen and making it a fun social place for you and your family will make not only your meal more special, but cooking the meal an experience rather than a chore!